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Mark Buchanan
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"In this thoroughly researched and piercingly intelligent book, physicist Mark Buchanan shows how a simple feedback loop can lead to major consequences, the kind redictable by mathematical models but hard for most people to anticipate. From his unique perspective, Buchanan argues that our basic assumptions about economic markets - that they are for the most part stable, with occasional interruptions - are simply wrong. Markets really act more like weather: a brief heat wave can become a massive storm in a matter of a few days, or even hours. Forecast re-imagines the basics of the financial world, with consequences that affect everyone. Author Biography Physicist Mark Buchanan is a former editor at Nature and New Scientist, and is the author of numerous magazine and newspaper articles internationally. He currently writes monthly columns for the financial media outlet Bloomberg View, as well as for Nature Physics. He has written two prize-nominated non-fiction books, Ubiquity: The Science of History and Nexus: Small Worlds and the Groundbreaking Science of Networks, and, most recently, The Social Atom. He lives in Dorset, England."

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Language: English
Publisher: Bloomsbury India
Stock Code: 9781408850558
Paper Count: 272
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781408850558
Publishing Year: 2013

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