• Be Who You Want Have What You Want

Be Who You Want Have What You Want

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About This Book

BE WHO YOU WANT, HAVE WHAT YOU WANT brings together insights, stories, meditations and exercises to show you how to break out of limited thinking and free yourself to become who you really want to be. That you haven't already achieved what you want is due entirely to what you now believe. To become the capable person you dream of being and to attain your heartfelt desires, the great relationship, the needed possessions, the long-sought-for conditions of good living, you need only change what you believe about the way to achieve those goals. From the author of the popular 'Zen and the Art of Happiness' and 'The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure,' this effective programme for change will show you, step by step, exactly what to do to create the life you want now - with lasting happiness thrown in as a bonus. This empowering guide to real change delivers a sure-fire system for letting go of stress and unhappiness and creating the best possible outcome in every situation. It dissects the fallacies that say you can't achieve your highest dreams and shares simple yet powerful strategies to: · Attain your heartfelt goals and desires · Overcome negativity · Stop punishing yourself and others for events you experience and let go of the past · Bring more peace, enthusiasm, and joy into your life

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Language: English
Publisher: Wisdom Tree
Stock Code: 9788183281638
Paper Count: 280
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788183281638
Publishing Year: 2010

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