• The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

Robert louis stevenson
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A fascinating and enthralling thriller, The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is by far the most intriguing story of a dual personality.The book starts with the character sketch of the good Dr Jekyll, a Victorian gentleman and a man of science, who makes out a will, that were he to disappear or die, his fortune would go to a Mr Edward Hyde. From there on, you are gripped by a story so well crafted and so engaging that you can’t let go till the very end.Dr Jekyll faces terrifying consequences when he empowers his dark side to run wild, using a potion he has created, which changes him into the repulsive and debased Mr Hyde.The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde centres upon the inception of humanity as dual in nature.The story of these two conflicting personalities, within one man, continues to shock readers with its chilling, realistic narrative that traces Dr. Jekyll’s desperation as Mr Hyde gains control of his soul. The entire story somehow brings us face to face with the man in the mirror, looking for that dark side lurking within each of us, and pushing us to choose the goodness instead, which abides within us all.

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Language: English
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Publishing Year: 2016

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