• Know Your Ailment

Know Your Ailment

Dr Ravi Bapat
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This ready reckoner is essential reading for all General Practitioners as well as lay persons, and is an important source of reference for every home. As per the statistics provided by the World Health Organisation, approximately 70 percent of illnesses do not require medication. Simple home remedies can help alleviate them. About 30 percent of illnesses do need treatment. Of those, 25 percent can be resolved with the help of routine investigations and standard medication. About 3 percent of the patients need antibiotics and simple investigations. Specialists, super-specialists, and sophisticated medical investigations are necessary in only about 2 percent of cases. So how do we determine whether our illness requires intensive medical treatment or not? How would we know whether the treatment would lead to recovery or is likely to create further complications? What are the measures we can take at home before we decide to consult a doctor? In view of the escalating cost of medical care and the plethora of tests and investigations that are often prescribed, what must a patient know about his illness to ensure that he gets the correct treatment? Two leading doctors address precisely these questions in this ready reckoner.

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Language: English
Publisher: Indus Source Books
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ISBN: 9788188569540
Publishing Year: 2015

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