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Ankit Fadia
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"Faster: 100 Ways To Improve Your Digital Life is a compilation of tips and tricks by ethical hacker Ankit Fadia, which is designed to address all sorts of audience occupying gadgets. It is not just for the gadget pros but also for the newbie owners of simple smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices. The objective for creating such a book was the fact that most of the people owning gadgets aren't aware of their diverse utilities. The devices as per trend have taken powerful places in lives today making it absolutely necessary to unleash their capacity. A mobile might be widely used only for calling, messaging and capturing pictures at times, but there are hundreds of added features to the gadgets which with the step-by-step help of this book would let readers figure out new qualities of their devices. Only handful of us might be aware that a mobile phone can actually be used to keep an eye on the child through GPS, making and receiving fake phone calls, recording incoming calls and even catching a deceiving partner. There is a massive list of uncommon and unknown usages primarily talked about in the book. There surely isn't a lot of public awareness of anything else a tablet can do apart from social communications and web browsing - a fact that is negated as per the book. The book is well-designed with the apt use of screenshots and pictures as necessary to guide the readers step-by-step in making the best use of their device. Penguin India Publishers released this book in 336 pages in paperback. About the Author About the Author: Ankit Fadia is a 28-year old licensed hacker and technical pro who has immense hands-on experience with gadgets and technology. He hosted a show 'What the Hack!' that aired on MTV, apart from having written many books on ethical hacking. He has won several awards for his knowledge in this area and the World Economic Forum picked him out as a Global Shaper."

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Language: English
Publisher: Penguin Books Limited
Stock Code: 9780143419709
Paper Count: 336
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9780143419709
Publishing Year: 2013

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