• CEO—Chess Master or Gardener

CEO—Chess Master or Gardener

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Many problems of public sector banks in India are rooted in the legacy-driven culture of industrial relations (IR) and human resource (HR) management. These have inhibited the pace of internal reforms. This book presents ways in which the author, in his role as a CEO and using insights gained during field research, undertook creative destruction of the legacy culture in IR/HR in Bank of Baroda. This was done through multiple initiatives, including reordering the pattern of IR management and game-changing innovations in employee engagement, eventually transforming the organisation into a valuable brand. The book illustrates the strategic role of CEOs in designing a new future for their organisations in the face of multiple challenges through harmonising the HR function with business. It also provides several insightful leadership lessons to top managements of large organisations to move from a narrowly focused HR culture to a broader HR paradigm consistent with the requirements of a competitive landscape.

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Language: English
Publisher: OUP India
Stock Code: 9780199485642
UPC: 1
Paper Count: 388
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9780199485642
Publishing Year: 2018

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