• Carrot and Sticks Don't Work ( K )

Carrot and Sticks Don't Work ( K )

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n lieu of effective engagement paradigms, many have attempted to engage employees through traditional reward-and-recognition programs which fail as motivational strategies. Creating an engaged workforce requires a cultural shift- not an employee or program of the month. Culture leads to behavior and behavior reinforces culture. The question then, is how do we influence culture? The answer lies in the Respect(tm) model. Respect(tm) is an actionable strategy supported by Dr. Marciano's years as an expert consultant, fostering employee engagement which has emerged as the greatest predictor of human capital ROI-affecting productivity, profitability, quality or work, turnover, absenteeism and customer satisfaction. The Respect model is intended to transform an organization's culture into one that fosters high levels of employee engagement. Through his more than 20 years of experience, including research in motivation, engagement and human behavior, training as a cognitive-behavioral psychologist specializing in behavior modification and work as a professor, consultant, motivational speaker and executive coach, Dr. Marciano has come to the simple conclusion that human relationships, both personal and professional, only "work" within the context of Respect. Respect is universal to successful human relationships and the key to employee engagement. Specifically, the Respect model posits that employee engagement depends on the extent to which individuals: Respect their organization - its Mission, Vision, values, goals, policies and actions. Employees are proud to say, "I work for this company." Respect the organization's leaders, especially their direct supervisor - believing that he or she is competent, ethical, makes good decisions and treats people fairly. Respect their team members - believing that they are competent, cooperative, honest, supportive and willing to pull their own weight. Respect their work - finding it challenging, rewarding, interesting and as having value to both internal and external customers. Feel Respected by the organization, supervisor and fellow team members. The 7 drivers of employee engagement that make up Respect(tm) are grounded in research and are "real-world" tested. The drivers are: Recognition: Acknowledge employees' contributions and show appreciation for a job well done. Empowerment: Provide employees with the tools, resources and information to succeed. Supportive Feedback: Develop employees through ongoing performance coaching. Partnering: Foster collaboration among individuals across business units. Expectation: Establish clear, attainable performance goals and hold employees accountable. Consideration: Exhibit thoughtfulness, empathy and kindness. Trust: Demonstrate belief in employee's skills, abilities and decisions. Table of Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: The Last Guy Sat There Chapter 2: Why Employee Engagement Matter Chapter 3: Engagement versus Motivation Chapter 4: Why Traditional Reward and Recognition Programs Fail Chapter 5: Engagement through Respect Chapter 6: Respect Chapter 7: Recognition Chapter 8: Empowerment Chapter 9: Supportive Feedback Chapter 10: Partnering Chapter 11: Expectations Chapter 12: Trust Chapter 13: Putting it All Together

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Publishing Year: 2017

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