• 10 Rules To Suceed In Interviews

10 Rules To Suceed In Interviews

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About This Book

What is it like to give an interview confidently? How would you feel if you could forever change the way you give interviews? This book will make it easier for you to give interviews, leaving a positive, deep and meaningful impact on your interviewer/s. The real life examples shared in the book will allow you to understand the interview process better and will also guide you to negotiate a better package for yourself. This book will help you to believe in yourself and allow you to enjoy the entire interview process. The ten rules if applied correctly will help you in getting through the three essential stages of an interview: plan, prepare and deliver. The book provides invaluable tips on how to achieve best results when giving an interview. If you are keen to develop your interview skills and want to secure a job with a higher package, you’ll find all the tips and advice right here!

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Language: English
Publisher: Indus Source Books
Stock Code: 9788188569557
Paper Count: 90
Book Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9788188569557
Publishing Year: 2016

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