• Analytics In A Big Data World

Analytics In A Big Data World

Bart Baesens
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The book discusses the topic of Big Data and Analytics, which is now more relevant and actual than ever before. It is written with a strong practitioner focus, not overly stressing the mathematical underpinnings but the business application instead. It consists of real-life examples from the author's personal consulting and research experience (banking, retailing, government). The book includes an overview of visionary ideas and recent developments in the field with a tremendous potential to create strategic leverage in any business setting. Special Features • This book shows how analytics can be used to create strategic leverage and identify new business opportunities with practical application and real-life case studies. Table of Content Preface Acknowledgments Chapter 1 Big Data and Analytics • Example Applications • Basic Nomenclature • Analytics Process Model • Job Profiles Involved • Analytics • Analytical Model Requirements Chapter 2 Data Collection, Sampling and Preprocessing • Types of Data Sources • Sampling • Types of Data Elements • Visual Data Exploration and Exploratory Statistical Analysis • Missing Values • Outlier Detection and Treatment • Standardizing Data • Categorization • Weights of Evidence Coding • Variable Selection • Segmentation Chapter 3 Predictive Analytics • Target Definition • Linear Regression • Logistic Regression • Decision Trees • Neural Networks • Support Vector Machines • Ensemble Methods • Multiclass Classification Techniques • Evaluating Predictive Models Chapter 4 Descriptive Analytics • Association Rules • Sequence Rules • Segmentation Chapter 5 Survival Analysis • Survival Analysis Measurements • Kaplan Meier Analysis • Parametric Survival Analysis • Proportional Hazards Regression • Extensions of Survival Analysis Models • Evaluating Survival Analysis Models Chapter 6 Social Network Analytics • Social Network Definitions • Social Network Metrics • Social Network Learning • Relational Neighbor Classifier • Probabilistic Relational Neighbor Classifier • Relational Logistic Regression • Collective Inferencing • Egonets • Bigraphs Chapter 7 Analytics: Putting It All to Work • Back testing Analytical Models • Benchmarking • Data Quality • Software • Privacy • Model Design and Documentation • Corporate Governance Chapter 8 Example Applications • Credit Risk Modeling • Fraud Detection • Net Lift Response Modeling • Churn Prediction • Recommender Systems • Web Analytics • Social Media Analytics • Business Process Analytics About the Author Index

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Language: English
Publisher: Wiley India Pvt Ltd
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ISBN: 9788126550890
Publishing Year: 2014

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