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Just Tigers brings together all Jim Corbett’s stories about shooting tigers, many of whom were man-eaters. Taken from Man-eaters of Kumaon, The Temple Tiger and More Man-eaters of Kumaon and Jungle Lore, these fourteen stories are as fresh and thrilling as the day on which they were first published. They show, too, why, besides his legendary exploits as a hunter of man-eaters, Corbett was one of India’s most important conservationists. As Valmik Thapar writes in his introduction: ‘As you thrill to his exploits in the jungles of Kumaon, spare a thought for his legacy. In part due to his efforts and the people he inspired to carry on his work after him...we still have over 2,000 tigers left in India, the largest population of wild tigers in the world.’ KEY SELLING POINTS • The latest addition to Aleph’s classics series. Aleph Classics are new editions and translations of the most significant of India’s literary works, aimed at the twenty-first-century reader. • First book which brings together all the stories by Jim Corbett about man- eating tigers. • Jim Corbett’s tales of adventure have been read and loved by many generations of readers.

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Language: English
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ISBN: 9789387561311
Publishing Year: 2018

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