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There is that smaller world which is the stage, and that larger stage which is the world.” And yes! ‘You’ are constantly in spotlight on this larger stage. It is said that you are being watched every moment and formed impressions about. What if you watch yourself mindfully before anyone else does and forms an imprecise image of you?. This book shall help reinvent the Brand You through a practical journey of self-discovery with the techniques from the Acting World. You get to work up various components of your voice, choice of words, storytelling and your silent speech – the body language to present yourself more profoundly as Brand You…to show up! . “…jo dikhta hai, woh bikta hai! (What’s seen is what sells!)”. Feel Fully To Express Totally the theatre way – is the mantra! [use diff font for the theatre way] ? Identify Who You are Being as A Brand – Your Self-Image, Your Visual Image and Your Perceived Image. ? Get Introspective to Design OR Re-Design Brand You – Your Presence. ? Learn and Practice Key Skills of Communicative Intelligence – Your Expressiveness. Explore an actor’s journey of making her stage characters come alive. Now, this is your chance to really be in the spotlight!

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Language: English
Publisher: Network 18 Publications P.Ltd
Stock Code: 9789383306428
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Paper Count: 320
Book Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9789383306428
Publishing Year: 2018

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