• 50 Economics Classics

50 Economics Classics

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Something of a modern classic in its own right. (Engineering and Technology) The synopses in this book are fair, balanced, and about as good an introduction to the broad range of modern economic writing, along with a few classics, as one is likely to find. (Professor James K Galbraith, author of 'Inequality: What Everyone Needs to Know') 50 Economics Classics is a celebration of the large imaginative canvasses of the great economists. Butler-Bowdon's choices are broad, interdisciplinary and compellingly idiosyncratic. His chapters are not simply straight summaries of the chosen works, but thoughtful reflections on why we should care about this or that book and what its relevance is for us today. Butler-Bowdon's renderings are done so well that one might never bother going back to the original! Professional economists, students and general readers alike will find much here to delight in and many new byways to explore. (Niall Kishtainy, Fellow in Economic History, London School of Economics) This is not just a book for people who want to save time by reading one book instead of 50. [It] looks into some huge pieces of economic thought which even many important economists have browsed too swiftly. If you are not an economist, this book will teach you a lot. And if you are an economist, it will also teach you a lot. (Hernan Blejer, economic journalist, analyst for Euromonitor, lecturer University of Buenos Aires, London School of Economics) A fascinating and very timely book. (Dani Rodrik, Ford Foundation Professor of Political Economy, John F Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University) A good starting point for someone new to economics wanting a general overview. Capturing the essence of a book in 3 pages is a difficult task. Tom Butler-Bowdon is obviously a very well-read person with this rare skill. (Diane Coyle, author of GDP: A brief but affectionate history) I've read 50 Economics Classics cover to cover. It's a remarkable achievement and I wish I'd had it when doing A level economics. (Richard Koch, author of The 80/20 Principle) This embracing publication is not only a wonderful introduction, but a useful reminder of the subject for seasoned learners. (Teacher magazine) Economics giants such as Adam Smith, Karl Marx and Milton Friedman feature heavily, but one of the book's big plus points for me is that it has room for more contemporary authors and ideas... the book is a well-written affair by an author obviously in full control of his subject. (Tom Herbert AccountingWEB) Distils the most influential economics books ever written. (Daily Ex

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Publishing Year: 2017

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